Sometimes surfers just get a bad rap, where many think they just party, surf, and make trouble. We know that is not true, and many live the cleanest lives you could imagine.

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More and more we are hearing a lot of them are Christian and have a very strong faith in Christ.

Some well-known Christian surfers are:

Bethany Hamilton

 C.J. Hobgood

 Damien Hobgood

 Bianca Buitendag

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 Timmy Curran

 Tom Curren

 Skip Frye

 Joey Buran

 Glyndyn Ringrose

 Al Merrick

 Eric Arakawa

 John Carper (JC Surfboards)

One organization is  Christian Surfers

The MISSION of Christian Surfers is to be a ministry TO surfers and a mission FOR surfers to impact the beach and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The VISION of Christian Surfers is that every surfer and every surfing community will have the opportunity to experience and follow Jesus Christ.

Their values

Evangelism: We are evangelistic in intent, majoring on Christ, the Gospel, and the Bible.

Surfing: Surfing is simple and beautiful tool! We are mobilizing surfers to reach other surfers, with a culturally relevant message of God’s love for them. We also aim to mobilize surfers to use their time, talents and resources to transform their local beach and beyond for the sake of the Christ.

Serving: We submit to Christ through servant-hood and hope to serve the surfing community and others with humble Christ-like hearts.

Adolescent focused: We are a multi-generational ministry whose aim is to have the greatest impact on surfers 10-20 years old. We hope to gather an army of young surfers focused on transforming their friends, local communities and beyond with the Gospel.

Church: Most of our ministry is community based and accountable through many local Christian churches. Our leaders (both locally and nationally) are active members of local churches.

Partnerships: We are working with God and what he is already doing through others, while respecting and partnering with other ministries.

Adventure: The promise of John 10:10 to have LIFE TO THE FULL drives us to enjoy the gifts of God found in humor, fun and all-out adventure!

Relational: We believe strongly that ministry occurs at the relational level. One person impacting another through an investment of friendship.

There is even a Christian Surfers International, yes, they are all around the world.

Some cant imagine a person being a surfer and a Christian, we don’t know why, though imagine it, because there are a lot of them.

Per Brett Davis one of the founders of Christian Surfers: In 1977, a group of 18-year olds began Christian Surfers. “We were misfits from church mostly,” remembers Brett. “We were struggling with the issue of identity. We felt marginalized from our surfing friends because we were Christians, and marginalized from our Christian friends because we were surfers.”

“We wanted to bridge the gap,” says Brett. “We believe surfing is a gift from God.” The group started as a fellowship group for Christian surfers, but quickly developed into an outreach ministry to the surfing community. “We all had friends who had never attended church but were happy to go surfing with us. We quickly realized there was a far greater need, and potential, for Christian Surfers to be a mission and outreach.”

“We never imagined that the ministry model and platform we developed would help so many people around the world find a meaningful outlet for their surfing and mission,” Brett says.

In 1999 Brett was asked to officially form an international mission movement. He took his wife, three children and “two large orange suitcases” and travelled the world, setting up Christian Surfers International.

They also have a Surfers Bible: Instead of trying to get surfers to church, Christian Surfers aims to get the church to the surfers, with the Surfers Bible a key way of doing that.

The Surfers Bible is a regular modern translation of the Bible, along with great personal stories from well-known surfers, who are also Christians, and who share how they have made sense of life beyond their surfing.

With over 75,000 copies of the first edition distributed, Bible Society and Christian Surfers knew they had a winner. The second edition comes in three versions; a complete Bible with a surfer friendly waterproof zip cover, a New Testament, plus a pocket-sized Gospel of Mark.

Along with the English translation, Christian Surfers have produced Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch and Portuguese versions of different descriptions, each featuring local testimonies of Christian surfers from their nations.

You can find these at Surfer’s Bible

There are countless stores about lives that have been made better because of Christian Surfers and that is awesome.

Don’t worry, being real Christians, they are very accepting regardless of race, country, or color. Give them a try and your life may just change wonderfully beyond your expectations!

You can visit their site at Christian Surfers by clicking here or going to

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