We know it is Winter in many parts now, though there are a lot of people that will make a trip to go to warmth and some beach time this Winter. We thought this would be a good time as any to talk about beach etiquette when you go to the beach. This would apply to the booming months for the beach in the Summer as well.

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Here are some tips to help you not to be the monster nobody likes at the beach.

Don’t Litter

Help keep the beach clean and enjoyable for all by throwing away your trash in the proper receptacles.


Don’t Blast Music

Sure, you’d like to enjoy your music but keep it low enough, so your neighbors don’t have to listen to your favorite rock band. Better yet, use earphones.

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Don’t Hog Beach Chairs

You may want the best spot on the beach, but don’t put your belongings on a chair just to go back to your hotel or condo to snooze for a couple more hours.


Don’t Remove, Kick, Move Sand Close to Others

When removing sand from towels and other belongings, make sure you aren’t getting it on your fellow beachgoers.


Keep Your Distance

Even if you’re on a crowded beach, do your best to keep distance from other beachgoers.


Don’t play among the crowds

Tossing a Frisbee or playing volleyball is great exercise when you’re sunning on the beach, but it can be loud and intrusive for those who prefer to stay stationary. Keep your games away from high-density areas where others are lounging so you don’t trample blankets, kick up sand, or accidentally hit a beachgoer in the noggin.

Don’t smoke

The world may be your oyster, but the beach is not your ashtray. Not only can warm summer breezes blow secondhand smoke into the faces—and lungs—of your fellow beachgoers, but cigarette butts are harmful to the environment.

Don’t feed the seagulls

Sick of dining near a slew of seagulls, or seeing beachgoers feed them? Not only is this annoying, but it’s unhealthy—for the gulls.


Don’t feed the seagulls

Sick of dining near a slew of seagulls, or seeing beachgoers feed them? Not only is this annoying, but it’s unhealthy—for the gulls.

Don’t ignore local customs

As always when traveling, be respectful and observe local customs, including manners of dress and public behavior.

Don’t let your dog roam unattended

The beach offers plenty of room for your dog to run. But keep an eye on Fido: While many breeds are good swimmers, dogs can get caught in nasty riptides just as easily as humans can. Bring a leash for your pup and make sure that, in case he does make his great escape, his tags clearly display your name and contact information.

Don’t ignore warnings

Those signs warning of riptides, strong currents, and jellyfish are there for a reason: to keep you and your fellow beachgoers safe. Heed any posted signage and monitor the color-coded flags throughout the day (New Hampshire, New Jersey, Florida, Alabama, and Texas all use standardized flag codes; other beaches may have their own systems). Remember that conditions may look ideal, but time and time again, people foolishly disregard caution and later require rescuing.

Fill in the holes

If you’re digging a hole in the sand, make sure to fill it back up before you leave to prevent anyone from falling in and getting hurt. You should do this regardless of how deep you dig, even though an original law written in California in 1966 said that a hole only had to be covered if it was more than two feet deep.


Don’t comment loudly and stare at some beachwear choices

Sure, sometimes people make interesting stylistic choices when it comes to bathing suits, but avoid making comments about them.

Don’t pretend to drown

If you think pretending to drown will lead to getting saved and romanced by the lifeguard, think again.


Dress codes go out the window when you’re on the beach, but when you’re walking to and from your sandy destination be sure and put some shorts, sundress, shirt or whatever on. Do not continue wearing your swimwear to the grocery store, convenience store that is a mile away or more.

Don’t Continually Stare Creepily at the Beautiful Person Catching some Sun

Not much else needs to be said on this

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