We know it is Winter in many parts now, though there are a lot of people that will make a trip to go to warmth and some beach time this Winter. We thought this would be a good time as

You probably know there are many outstanding beaches in the United States. You have probably read articles on the best beaches in the United States, the most crowded beaches in the United States, the least crowded beaches in the United

Recent studies show that the beach is one of the best places to alleviate stress and heal your brain.

Here at Beachboppin we knew this already and have said it for years, and not only your brain though your health.


Here is the truth on SPF protection in suntan lotions so you don’t waste your money on false claims of SPF protection.

First, if you didn’t know because you just hear it called SPF so often and nothing else,

Winter is upon on us in the United States, and many relish it, looking forward to Winter fun, others savor some warm beach time. Recently weather.com released a list of top destinations for beach in the winter that many go

The basics of learning to surf is kind of one of those things that can be a little hard to explain, rather than learning right on the beach. To be really helpful, read the below guide, then head to beach

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