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We hope you are enjoying your summer and getting to the beach to relax. Along with going to the beach in the summer and taking a dip in the ocean you need to be aware of jellyfish. Every year approximately

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If you are new to surfboarding or if not, waxing the board can be somewhat mystifying to the inexperienced. Once you do it a few times, however, you won’t even have to think about it. Many think there is a

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We know you have many times hearing all the bad about being in the sun, so much so, some would think they should never be in the sun like a vampire would never be in the sun. A little extreme

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Going to the beach is awesome, one thing if you have ever gone you probably have done is build a sand castle. They are not hard, though here is some more on building sand castles when you are at the

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If you have a love for going to the beach, would like to someday go to the exotic and most beautiful of beaches, then the South Pacific is where you can find these.

Here is a guide to the best

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A fun way to get into shape is to do it outdoors, especially since Winter is done. There are plenty of things to do in the warmer months that can help you stay (or get in even better) shape while

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Beachboppin is a site for those that enjoy an outdoor active lifestyle, though is for all who are thinking of doing this also. Though, exactly what is considered an outdoor active lifestyle and is it for you? We like to

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Hey everyone, if you are worried about the snow melting and love to snowboard, don’t worry you can still go for it in the sand by sandboarding.

Sandboarding is a boardsport and extreme sport similar to snowboarding. It is a

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Hey everyone, we are sure you have heard of the best beaches you can find in the United States, though there are quite a few under the radar beaches that just aren’t that famous, though are awesome!

From the East

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