We are sure you have seen them, maybe in the ocean, a lake, a river, or a pond. That is the kayak.


Kayaking is a watersport that involves paddling using a double-bladed oar and a small boat known as

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A great source of thrills and fun is wakeboarding. Wakeboarding caters for all levels of experience – making it the perfect activity for a warm summer day. Wakeboarding: A physical challenge? Yes. Easy? No. Thrilling, rewarding, exhilarating? Most definitely. If

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Maybe you have been going through channels on TV, or some news online, and you see it, people ice fishing and you think, they are crazy!

So, what makes so many people go ice fishing in areas where the ice

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Thinking of taking up windsurfing, or maybe just giving it a try?

Windsurfing is a form of sailing, where a board is powered across the water by the wind.

Polynesians have been using boards with sails for hundreds of years.

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When it comes to surface water sports or activities, some people just think of a few and not much else. There are several kinds of fun surface water sports things you can do, that are very exciting also. Maybe you

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Did you ever wonder out of all the millions people that fish, what is their favorite fish to catch? We are talking about fresh water fish on this one.

You know, we do not know of any study or research

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Did you know you can save a ton of money by not buying every new fishing lure that comes out? Did you know your spouse can save a ton of money not thinking they should get you any of thousands

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Many go to lakes to fish, camp, water ski, swim, enjoy beaches at lakes, and to relax.

For people that fish, they want to catch fish when they go to the lake. Did you ever wonder if there are lakes

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