We are sure you have heard of it, though this is a refresh for those maybe thinking of taking up mountain biking.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off-road, most times over rough terrain, using specially

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When Brittney thought this she was correct, have you ever seen a cross country runner that was overweight? Most likely not, so could this be a clue for those that want to lose weight?

Well, Brittney, started training to become

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You probably have seen it on ESPN, or heard about it and it is called CROSSFIT. Is this to extreme in fitness, should you start it if not in shape, is it good for you or too much?

What CrossFit

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New Year’s Resolutions it seems are a part of life. People make them, they last a month or two then they are gone. A big one is working out, jogging, eating better, all to do with better health.

We almost

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Probably everyone in one way or another have heard of Yoga, and that it is good for you in many ways. Though way do so many still not do yoga? We would like to go over some benefits that yoga

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If you jog regularly, or just getting started jogging/running on a more regular basis, as you know Winter is here. This is a perfect time to think of every reason not to jog. Perhaps, you are wondering if it

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Am sure you know there is sailing on water in a boat, though there is also land sailing.

Land sailing, also known as ‘sand yachting’ or ‘land yachting’, is the act of moving across land in a wheeled

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Sorry, there is not a pill that makes you run faster, we know you knew this.

Though if you would like to know how to run faster here are some ways that work.

Even if you choose to

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It is so easy to not exercise in the Winter months, so you are not alone if you do. Though these months is when you should not slack on this at all. No hibernating, for starters, having the heating cranked

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