Whether you enjoy watching surfing, thinking of trying it, or surf every day, one thing you may want to know about and enjoy is the biggest surfing competition in the United States that happens yearly.

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Since the time of year is coming up where a lot of people start going to the beach, we thought it would be a good time to talk about jellyfish and how to avoid. Below we will make sure by … Read the rest

If you are a surfer, or thinking of taking up surfing, one thing you will learn is that you want to know a good surf spot.

What is a good surf spot?

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When you go fishing, one thing that comes up is do you catch to eat or catch to release? Some may not really think about it either way.

Is the fish you catch safe to eat?

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If you are on this site you most likely are a person that enjoys the beach, oceans, and outdoors.

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A couple of things are certain, if we want to understand the planet you need to understand the ocean and the atmosphere. This is where a cool new gadget or thing comes in called the SailDrone. With the increasing uses … Read the rest

If you have been to any populated or touristy beaches lately, one thing you may be seeing more of is what is called Fly Boarding.

What is Fly Boarding

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Flyboarding is an exciting extreme water sport that will … Read the rest

Spring and Summer is approaching, and this is great time for kayaking. If you are looking into getting a kayak, one thing that you will have to decide is the type of kayak paddle to get.

Paddle Length

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One thing that you may always wonder quietly or out loud when going to any of the coastal beaches is that you wonder if there are any sharks? From all the first JAWS movie, the many shark movies on SYFY … Read the rest

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