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The idea of drone delivery for useful things is a lot more fun to think about than drones used for dropping bombs and killing people with death rays.

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We know you have many times hearing all the bad about being in the sun, so much so, some would think they should never be in the sun like a vampire would never be in the sun. A little extreme

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Hey everyone, may you have seen it and didn’t know what it was called, or just don’t much about it. Wingsuit flying, it has a reputation for attracting daredevils, but most jumpers prefer seeking safety to courting danger.

Ok, let’s

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Hey everyone, recently we have been seeing a lot of information about drones, and we sure you have also, whether it be for gifts, or seeing more of them then used to for recreation. Where is this heading?

Flying a

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Possibly you have seen them or heard of them, and thought that would be cool to do. What is it? Going in a glider. Riding in a sailplane (or glider, if you prefer) is the purest form of flying there

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If you have ever thought of trying hang gliding though did not know so much about it, or where to go to learn to hang glide, you are not alone.

Hang gliding can be dated back to the days of

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Many may agree that one of the coolest things to come along in the past few years is drones. You can buy them at package stores, and go home and start using it. The next thing also is the GoPro

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