We like to let all of you know about various beaches and some useful information about them in case you visit them, or decide to.

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Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Found along northeast Florida’s “First Coast,” Jacksonville Beach offers vast stretches of gorgeous beach, a newly redesigned golf course, a famous fishing pier and boatloads of water activities. Beach volleyball, surfing, fishing and a wide variety of eateries – Jacksonville Beach has it all. Visitors and natives alike are delighted by dolphins rolling just outside the surf line. Surfers are drawn to Jacksonville Beach by some of the best waves in the region. Devoting some time to Jacksonville Beach and its surrounding attractions unearths a unique combination of history, leisure and recreational activities.

Jacksonville Beach boasts 22 miles of beaches, dotted with vibrant coastal neighborhoods full of activities, entertainment, and great food.

What is nice about this area, is there is four very nice beaches. To the north of Jacksonville Beach is Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach, to the South is Ponte Vedra Beach.

Can you surf at Jacksonville Beach?

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Home to the Annual Wave Masters Contest, where more than 200 competitors gather for a weekend of rivalry in the waves, Jacksonville Beach has an esteemed surfing reputation that is nothing short of tradition. The beach also plays host to the Annual Super Grom Surf Festival—this one is for the kids only—in June. During summer, Atlantic Beach is a prime spot for beginners. Travel south to Jacksonville Beach, near the new Jacksonville Beach Pier, to find abundant sand breaks at the end of every beach access. For surfers seeking the area’s largest, most challenging swells, plan a visit for fall or spring.

For an enjoyable yet hardworking experience on the water, learn from one of the 16 experts at Jax Surf and Paddle. They offer private and group lessons, surf camps, and have a small boutique stocked with quality boards and apparel. For the best swag, step into Sunrise Surf Shop or Jax Beach Surf Shop.

What are some of the rules?

Stay out of the dunes

Use walkovers

No glass on beach

No littering

No alcoholic beverages on beach

No camping on beach

No sleeping on beach 11PM-6AM at time of this post

No Skateboarding allowed on walkovers

Can I bring my dog?

No dogs 9AM – 5PM, must pick up after your pet. Times when you can bring your pet, they must be on a leash.

Advantages of this beach

No problem finding free parking

The beach is clean and level

Can you drive cars on Jacksonville Beach?

Driving on the beach is not permitted within the city limits of Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach or Atlantic Beach.

Are there public restrooms located at the beach?

Yes. In Jacksonville Beach public restrooms are located at 2nd Avenue North, and 5th Avenue North. Portable toilets are also located at 19th Avenue North. They are open 7 days a week March through September, Wednesday through Sunday in October, and Friday through Sunday, November through February.

Are the beaches handicap accessible?

Yes. In Jacksonville Beach, there are handicap accessible ramps at 5th Avenue North, Beach Blvd and 1st Street, and 6th Avenue South. Beach wheelchairs are also available at the Lifeguard Station.

Can we walk on the dunes while at the beach?

No. Climbing on the dunes is prohibited. The sand dunes, and sea oats on the dunes are protected by Florida State Law. Please use the crossovers to get to the beach.

When surfing, surfers must keep board tethered to one leg while in the water.

Are grills allowed on the beach?

Charcoal and gas grills are allowed on Jacksonville Beach and Atlantic Beach. Charcoal must be removed from the beach after your picnic.

Are horses allowed on the beach?

Horses are prohibited at all times in Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach.

Are jet skis permitted at the beaches?

Yes. In Jacksonville and Neptune Beaches jet skis must stay 300 feet off of the beach. They can only be launched from public ramps, not from the beach.

Are sailboats and catamarans allowed on the beach?

They are allowed on the beach if the following rules are followed: they may not be launched or removed from the water; they cannot be stored in a way that is harmful to the sea oats or the sand dunes, and they cannot interfere with the lifeguards’ vision.

Jacksonville Beach has a pier

This pier is a favorite fishing spot of many. You can get bait, tackle, water, soft drinks and food at the little tackle shop. Plenty of free parking. Guess what though? The Jacksonville Beach Fishing pier is closed indefinitely due to damage sustained during Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 and additional damage from Hurricane Irma in September 2017. No time frame of when it will be open again. Some say could take a couple of years and should be nicer.

Jacksonville Beach

The busiest of Jacksonville’s beaches, find unique local restaurants as well as big chains here.

There’s always something brewing at the beach. Pull out your Jax Ale Trail Brewery Passport, three of the eight breweries in Jacksonville are located at the Beach- Engine 15 Brewing Co., Green Room Brewing and Zeta Brewing Company.

Neptune Beach

Where Lemon Street meets the ocean is where you will find a true locals favorite. The Lemon Bar is a great escape to paradise where they serve up the finest beach inspired cocktails with the famous cocktail beach umbrellas. Whether you are coming by car, bicycle or right off the beach the Lemon Bar offers cold beverages, Florida sunshine and the ocean breeze. Be sure to grab a seat oceanside.

Big flavor is sure to hit your palate at North Beach Fish camp, try the Shrimp and Grits. Salt or no salt? Either way you’ll still enjoy a delicious margarita with the freshest ingredients from the Flying Iguana.

Atlantic Beach

The most residential of the beaches with beautiful homes and the best sandy beaches. Walk for miles and enjoy the Ocean breeze.

Adventure Island at Jacksonville Beach

Come around and explore one of the city’s best attractions! As a leader in the theme park industry, Adventure Landing can offer any newcomer a slew of outdoor activities and lovely memories while in Jacksonville Beach. Florida is the United States’ hotspot for family entertainment centers. Adventure Landing will keep you on edge with its numerous fun activities for all ages. All in all, this is truly the right place to entertain yourself and your kids!

Visit it: Since its grand opening, visitors have grown to more than 5 million! How crazy is that?

What to expect at Jacksonville Beach

The beach attracts all kinds of people.  If you like to sit back and chill (and silently wonder about people), just go to the beach.  At Jacksonville Beach, there are all sorts: surfers, families, retired couples, runners, kite-flyers… treasure hunters.

Jacksonville Beach has the right kind of litter:  jellyfish, clam shells, random feathers, the odd piece of beach grass.  And the sand is the perfect mix of sugary smooth white sand with dark charcoal drifts throughout.  It’s just beautiful from every angle.

Its choppy water is revered by surfers and often surf competitions take place off its shore. Jacksonville Beach is regularly astir with locals playing beach volleyball and other sports, tanning under the warm sun or swimming in the refreshing water.

Right off the pier is a strip of local bars and restaurants that truly give Jacksonville Beach an edge on other beaches. Bars such as Lynch’s Irish Pub, The Ritz and The Shim Sham Room draw a lot of traffic to the Jacksonville Beach area and have much to do with the influx of visitors to the beach.

Compared to other beaches in Florida, Jacksonville Beach has a good vibe, matter of fact a really nice vibe about it.

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