Hey everyone, if you have started jogging recently or have for a while, perhaps you have wanted to up your game and jog further. Here is the best way to do this.
Once you can run for 30 minutes with no break or walking during the 30 minutes, you can move up to further distance.
As you’re training your body to go longer, it’s important to run relaxed. Don’t worry about your pace; you should be running at a pace that feels comfortable, conversational—like you could maintain it forever if you had to. Just focus on covering the distance for the day feeling strong, exhilarated, with enough energy and desire that you’re psyched about getting out for your next workout. Lots of people make the mistake of going out too fast; that’s a surefire recipe for injury and burnout. And what’s more, if you finish your workout feeling demolished and demoralized, it’s going to be that much more difficult to get out for your next run. When going to this level, pace is important.
Remember, one of the biggest challenges beginner runners’ faces is increasing their distance. As they try to push their runs a little bit farther, new runners often face physical and mental obstacles.
Be sure and warm up before running, this will prevent injuries when running further.
Strength training helps your body better deal with the stresses of running. Your muscles will be able to perform longer before getting fatigued, which means you can go for more miles. All it takes is two or three 15-minute to 20-minute strengthening workouts a week to build more muscle mass.
Some beginner runners are physically fit enough to run a certain distance, but they don’t have the confidence or mental strength to push themselves farther. In many cases, it’s simply “mind over matter.” Try to distract yourself by playing mind games, choosing new running routes, or running with other people.
To push yourself to a longer distance, it may hurt a little and you may find yourself desperate for more strength and stamina. You have it within you; just tap into that potential. Try ways to dig deeper during runs.
If you are overweight and want to increase your distance do this: Go slower, here you can walk/jog the distance. Each time though, decrease your walking portion and do more jogging and a slow pace, as slow as you can to keep from walking. Here is what will happen:
1. You will lose weight.

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2. You will develop fitness, stamina, and balance.

3. You will impress yourself.
Slow and steady is the key to running longer distances, you can do it?
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