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The idea of drone delivery for useful things is a lot more fun to think about than drones used for dropping bombs and killing people with death rays.

This guide does not cover any military or law enforcement uses. Instead, we will discuss the cool stuff regarding drone delivery to business and consumers along with improvements in emergency response systems.

Drones are already capable of being deployed for many types of delivery services such as pizzas in urban environments and desperately-needed medicine flown by drones to remote inaccessible villages.

While Elon Musk concentrates on landing on Mars, perhaps you are the next potential gazillionaire that will make a fortune flying and landing drones on Earth. There are already plenty of opportunities for those interested in flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for fun and for commercial purposes.

In many instances, drone technology advanced so quickly that it runs afoul of the local laws. For example, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States says that, without special permission, a drone needs to be flown in the line-of-sight of the operator and a drone cannot be flown from a moving vehicle. Shop Now
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Well, that takes some of the fun out of drone delivery from moving pizza vans and in locations where it is not possible to easily see everywhere in the delivery area. Pizza-delivery observation towers may become a new industry in America because of this FAA legal limitation.

This guide takes a look at the state of global drone delivery worldwide to learn more about what is legal and what innovations are occurring.

It highlights what tests are being conducted, what big companies and startups are doing, and where it is possible to see the technology in action. There is funding available for this industry sector to support the next great big disruptive idea.

Read this global survey guide to learn more about what drone delivery can do right now and what this exciting technology will be able to achieve in the future. CLICK HERE FOR GUIDE

How Drone Delivery Might Look In 2019

If the regulators cooperate, commercial drone delivery will become a widespread reality to be enjoyed by consumers and those in need of urgent medical supplies and emergency services worldwide.

The most-likely, large-scale, commercial drone-delivery deployments may occur in Europe, the UK, and in Australia during 2019 with Amazon and Google leading the way. In China, is moving ahead with widespread deployment very quickly and Alibaba is advancing as well using drone delivery to support offshore islands.


Drone delivery is a market sector that is still in its infancy. Major players like Amazon, Google, Uber, and others are making significant investments to get ready for widespread commercial deployments.

Legislation is lagging behind the market developments. In many places the laws are too restrictive. However, this is slowly changing for the better. There are plenty of potentially huge markets.

Moreover, there are lots of ways that entrepreneurs can make money flying commercial drones for delivery services or by providing support services to this rapidly-emerging industry sector.

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