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Winter is upon on us in the United States, and many relish it, looking forward to Winter fun, others savor some warm beach time. Recently released a list of top destinations for beach in the winter that many go to. And we agree with many of them, though some were affected by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. These areas still recovering very good, though not sure if can handle normal amount of winter beach goers yet, though definitely can ahead.

Here is a partial list and please know there are many more than this. This year we will leave Key West, Florida off the list as they are still getting it up to speed after Hurricane Irma, though many businesses open. For tourists may be some obstacles still.

  1. Kahului, Hawaii – On the island of Maui, the town of Kahului is on our list of the best winter vacation spots. This town barely inched out Honolulu for the warmest average highs in the winter, at nearly 81 degrees. Average lows only “bottom out” at about 63 degrees, so there’s no need to even pack that coat in your suitcase.
  2. Honolulu, Hawaii – It’s a little mix of everything for the tourist who wants to get the Hawaiian experience without going too far away from civilization. Sunbathing on the sands of Waikiki Beach is encouraged year-round, and so is catching a few waves while surfing off the shore. The beautiful weather also provides plenty of warmth for hiking Diamond Head or visiting Pearl Harbor to visit a site of American history.
  3. Fort Meyers, Florida – Fort Meyers was affected by Hurricane Irma, though should be ok to visit for some winter beach time. Just think – you could go from freezing in the cold to boating, golfing or laying out in the sun with a trip to this sunny locale. Rain falls on Fort Myers only 16 days each winter, on average. And with just over 5 inches of precipitation falling from late December to late March, this is the time to pay a visit to southwestern Florida.
  4. Miami, Florida – It goes without saying that the warm weather is a major draw to South Florida in December, January and February. South Beach and Miami Beach is where to start.
  5. Tampa, Florida – The Florida Gulf Coast’s largest city is one of the best for a winter getaway. Tampa boasts average high temperatures of 70 degrees or above in the winter months, and the lows rarely dip below 50. There’s a small chance of a cold snap reaching the area, but Tampa averages below-freezing temperatures only two nights a year. There is a lot beaches to enjoy in Tampa Bay area, Clearwater, Beach, St, Petersburg Beach, Honeymoon Island, plus many others. A big plus, there is plenty to do and a short trip to Disney World.
  6. San Diego, California – Few cities on our list have as many sunny days as San Diego, making it an easy choice for one of the best winter destinations. America’s Finest City, as it is known to residents, sees an average of 146 sunny days per year, and only 11 days of one-tenth of an inch of rain or more in the winter months. Plenty of awesome beaches from San Diego to Los Angeles to enjoy during Winter months.


As you can see, many destinations for some beach time in winter are Hawaii, Florida and California. Hurricane Irma and Harvey really effected some areas where you normally could do, though should be no issues by next Winter. Same with Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands.




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