With Winter pretty much here, many may start thinking of going snow skiing this Winter for the first time. Next, will be wondering how much does it cost to go snow skiing.

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You can get all different amounts when it comes to this, so we are going to source NSAA or National Ski Areas Association at nsaa.org. The National Ski Areas Association is the trade association for ski area owners and operators. It represents 313 alpine resorts that account for more than 90 percent of the skier/snowboarder visits nationwide. NSAA analyzes and distributes ski industry statistics; produces annual conferences and tradeshows; produces a bimonthly industry publication and is active in state and federal government affairs. The association also provides educational programs and employee training materials on industry issues including OSHA, ADA and NEPA regulations and compliance; environmental laws and regulations; state regulatory requirements; aerial tramway safety; and resort operations and guest service.

Ski resort ticket prices are generally posted by the media by the lead prices, this being weekend and midweek rates, sometimes a separate holiday rate. Though few guests pay those rates.


You can save money in a variety of ways, including online ticket brokers, resort operated loyalty programs, and pre-purchase deals. Generally, the prices

come down the more a skier or snowboarder plans to visit the mountain. The prices may be separated into age groups, example would be, adults, teenagers, and seniors. Midweek walk-up prices in all areas are generally lower.


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Not to confuse you, we are speaking of life tickets, that is the price of the lift to get you to the top of the mountain. If you get a two or three-day life ticket, you will pay less than if you just buy a one-day life ticket. So, again the more days, the less the daily life ticket.


Smaller resorts typically are less expensive than the larger ones. They may not have all the amenities or special services as larger ones, though you

will still get plenty of snow ski time. Honestly, we recommend if a beginner, you should opt for a smaller ski resort to start.

Another advantage of starting snow skiing at a smaller resort is that ski school, day care, and food services are considerable less expensive than larger ones. Again, just as much fun.


Resort selection and prepurchase is the big cost saver, and time of season. Early and late season costs less, around Christmas time or week, is higher than rest of season.


Saying off-mountain is another way to save money, many resorts charge a premium for ski-in and ski-out access. With these ski-in and ski-out resorts guests are forced to use the resorts food facilities which are higher also.


When people go snow skiing or snowboarding they do this for the entire day. Even at $90 per day, this compares very favorably with other popular recreations such as golf, theme parks, and professional sporting events.

Ski Rental – you can easily spend over thousand dollars if you were to buy the ski gear, though renting ski equipment when at ski resort you can expect to spend 30 to 60 dollars a day to rent a package of snow skis and boots.

Things you should get before hand are gloves, snow goggles, coat, possibly snow bibs, and long underwear depending on temperatures. If you become an avid snow skier or snow boarder, then you may want to look at buying your equipment.

If beginner, you will want snow skiing lessons, they offer normally private and semi-private. Semi-private is less expensive and is a group of people. Go for the semi-private and you would want to go to smaller resort as less expensive. There will be half day lessons and full day lessons. You can learn quite a bit in a half day lesson to get you going, though if more comfortable with full day lesson then do that. You will find by second or third day of skiing you can snow ski well. Range of lessons from 60 to over a 100 for lessons.

Snow skiing and Snow boarding are a blast, so give it a try and do not think it is to expensive and may will have you believe. It can be done quite affordably.


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