We all enjoy a day at the beach, though one thing you want to do after a day at the beach is know how to take care of your skin. This way your skin stays smooth, healthy, and hydrated even after you spent a long day enjoying surf and sun.

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You’ve undoubtedly applied layer upon layer of sunscreen and swam around in the salty ocean so it’s time to clean your body well to get rid of the product build-up. Don’t use a drying deodorant soap, opt for a hydrating natural bar of soap or hydrating shower wash instead. We have found that several pro surfers say they will wash their hair with coconut water during this time also. Many of them also say – Before you go for a surf, take a teaspoon of coconut oil and rub it from the midlength to the ends. Coconut oil is the richest natural source of medium chain fatty acids. The vitamins and natural fats will nourish the hair and penetrate it deeper and faster than most conditioners. So, every session you have with an oil in your hair, you will be getting a deep conditioning treatment as well as providing a barrier between the salt water and your hair. Win-win.

Wash your face with micellar water or rose water. Then, moisturize your skin by applying natural oils such as coconut, almond, avocado, or argan. Even if you did apply a lip balm with proper SPF, your lips may still feel abused, irritated, and dry. You can apply simple Vaseline and let it soak in.

There are plenty good reasons to start keeping a good body and face cream at hand, even if you tend to be lazy or simply don’t care. Here are five good reasons to hydrate your skin after the beach or surfing:

1. It Restores the Skin’s Natural Oils

The harsh conditions of the ocean, when combined with a long beach or surf session, strip the skin from its natural oils. This is particularly worrisome if you have sensitive or dry skin. A good moisturizer, appropriate for your skin type, will replenish and soothe the epidermis, restoring the hydration lost during the surf session.

2. It Calms the Skin

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The same elements who strip the skin from its natural moisture may also irritate and damage it. Gently cleaning and hydrating your body after the beach or surfing, with an appropriate cream for your skin type and needs, will calm it and help it recover its natural balance, preventing further damage.

If you have sensitive skin, look for products that specifically target this issue, with ingredients like aloe vera, for example, avoiding harsh formulas that contain parabens or perfumes.

3. It Protects the Skin

A properly hydrated skin is also a more resistant and protected surface. Once you start caring for your skin after every beach or surf session, it becomes more resilient and prepared to endure the challenging conditions of your next day at the beach.

4. It Prevents Early Aging

Sun damage is one of the main causes of skin aging, but even if you use a sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun rays, it may not be enough. A good skincare routine keeps your skin healthier and stronger, preventing early aging and other signs of distress.

5. It’s Easier Than You Think

Nowadays, there are no excuses for not moisturizing your skin. From eco-friendly, vegan or even DIY moisturizers, to lush, high-end formulas with divine scents or super practical spray packaging’s, there are options suited for every need and taste. Experiment to see what suits you best and stick to it. Your skin will thank you.

Try increasing the moisture in your regular regimen after a beach day, to help balance out that loss of hydration. If you aren’t already religiously applying night cream, add a nighttime moisturizer to your routine.

Sometimes, no matter how dedicated to sun protection you are, there are slipups. That means you may walk away from your beach day with a need to soothe your skin. If that’s the case, apply aloe vera gel to help relieve a sunburn. 

Moisturize Your Feet

You know how great it can feel walking around in the sand without your flip-flops? (Well, at least in the cool wet sand!) You’re actually giving your feet a fantastic natural exfoliation when you do this. So, if you don’t typically kick off your shoes at the beach, start doing it; sand is the perfect natural exfoliator. When you’re wading in the water, take some time to rub your feet in the sand and swirl your feet around to make sure every part is exfoliated.

The next important step you can save for the car or at home: moisturizer! It’s a must! You’ve exfoliated the dead skin from your feet, soaked them in salty water, but unless you moisturize them, they are going to be a mess. Once you apply moisturizer, you’ll notice your feet feel like you just had a pedicure.

When you get home from the beach, give your hair a thorough washing, and apply a deep conditioner for a good 5-10 minutes. Make sure to use a wide tooth comb to comb out your hair.

Water, Water, Water

It’s hard to remember to drink your eight glasses of water when you’re looking so cute in your bathing suit sitting on a lounge chair. But now that you’re home you can stock up from where you left off before you went to the beach. Drink a few glasses of water for good measure; I promise you’ll feel better because of it.

“Avoid creams that contain petroleum, benzocaine, or lidocaine. Petroleum can trap heat in the skin and benzocaine and lidocaine can irritate the skin. Avoid products that include retinol, retin A or harsh exfoliators as the skin is very sensitive after extended periods in the sun.”

Tip: Surfer girls like their body moisturizers cheap and basic. There are many to be found

Despite all the precautions, now and then you get burned. Many dermatologists recommend two aspirin to reduce swelling and applying cold, green tea compresses due to Green tea has antioxidants that will protect your skin, and the coolness will reduce swelling. Also, eat some cooked tomatoes or a slice of pizza. It’s been proven that tomato paste, and cooked tomatoes help reduce the risk of sunburn says dermatologist.

To summarize what to do after the beach or surfing for your skin

Shower with moisturizing hydrating soap

Condition hair, many pro surfers say they use coconut water

Wash face with Rosewater

Apply moisturizer on face and body

Drink lots of water daily

Moisturize your feet

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