You have been running marathons or training for a marathon, though want to take it up a notch. Possibly a ultramarathon is for you.

Ultramarathon – An ultramarathon, also called ultra distance or ultra running, is any footrace longer than … Read the rest

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The idea of drone delivery for useful things is a lot more fun to think about than drones used for dropping bombs and killing people with death rays.

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Maybe you have kind of heard about, or heard it mentioned, though really didn’t pay attention. What is it? Sunscreen bans and is something you should pay attention to. Probably, and possibly there could be more areas banning some sunscreens.… Read the rest

Winter is going full blast and you may be thinking of trying snowboarding for the first time. There are some things you need to know before beginning snowboarding and we are going to cover them here.


Snowboarding, winter sport … Read the rest

You have been wanting to for some time now and are ready, you are ready to learn how to surf. First there are some things you should know before beginning surfing.  Before you start surfing, you must know this: surfing … Read the rest

To reach your goals this year one of the most important things to develop is discipline. With this you will reach your goals and be on the correct path. The people that reach their goals don’t doing it by … Read the rest

We occasionally like to inform about ways to get in shape, become more active, and inform of exercises that can help you. Though we haven’t talked about one thing that may help you that many people do and are not … Read the rest

For those that love jogging or just started jogging this past year, what comes up during the Winter time is it safe to jog or how should I jog in the Winter?

Winter running is a challenge: You can’t just … Read the rest

It is Winter, and many fishermen do not fish at this time, preferring Spring, Summer, and Fall. Though these fishermen may be missing out on some good catches!

Maybe they do not know that much about where to fish in … Read the rest

We have found that most people that are into the outdoors, beach, surfing, etc. seem to have a love for animals also, and that is awesome! When Winter comes, and the cold weather starts, with snow and ice, it is … Read the rest