If you have been to any populated or touristy beaches lately, one thing you may be seeing more of is what is called Fly Boarding.

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What is Fly Boarding

Source: www.hydroflynow.com

Flyboarding is an exciting extreme water sport that will literally take you to new heights.  Attach it to your personal watercraft, hop on and the water will be propelled beneath your feet on the device. It is essentially a hoverboard you can use on water!

You can go up to 49 feet in the air on a flyboard or take a dive beneath the water’s surface 8 feet down.  It is fairly new, having been invented in only 2012, and is a truly one-of-a-kind experience. For the first time, you can really propel out of the water with stability in the air, thanks to this new device.

The flyboard is a quite unique device which becomes one with your personal water craft and reaches new heights both above and below the water’s surface.  How it attaches to the enthusiast is like a wakeboard. The power on the device comes from the jet ski which is controlled by throttle.  Your instructor will always be able to monitor how you are doing and adjust the power (or thrust) your flyboard receives.  This helps to make sure the experience is safe and geared to your comfort level.

You can rest in the water between adventures since it is buoyant and is completely safe to use. Rental locations require you use a personal flotation device as well as a helmet for added safety.  The helmet will protect you from potential head trauma in case you accidentally hit any structures while riding and as a shield from water damage to your ears.

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There have been championships and competitions since late 2012 when they first became available on the market and continue to grow in popularity and attention.  Movies have featured the boards as of late and as time goes on more of the general population is taking interest.

Contrary to popular belief they are quite simple to learn how to use. If properly trained, most people pick up how to operate one in 5 minutes or less. In less than half an hour, most completely grasp how to use their flyboard and, of course, have a great deal of fun.  The fun only gets better with more practice as people learn just how much they can do on a flyboard. From simply speeding along the water to diving underneath and learning new tricks to send them spinning around, there is really no limit for anyone. If you are looking for a new extreme sport to try out, look no further. A flyboard is the perfectly safe, fun way to try something new and give yourself the thrill of a lifetime.

Is it hard to learn to Fly Board?

It is very easy. Most people after 5-10 minutes are being propelled out of the water on the fly board. The learning curve is small with instruction from guides or instructors.

Safety Tips for Fly Boarding

Beginners are advised to try this sport only under the supervision of an expert. No matter how adventurous you are, you must be careful about your safety. Flyboard is a hydro flight device that consists of a pair of boots connected to a board. There are hose pipes below the board that adjust water pressure and allow you to stay at required height. Flyboarding is a relatively new water sport and its device was introduced in 2012. Safety factor was given preference while designing the device. Moreover, it is necessary to wear safety equipment. Since you cannot enjoy the sport frequently, most tourists prefer to rent it when they visit a lake or beach.

When you go learning flyboarding, the instructor will ask you whether you know how to swim. Swimming is considered a pre-requisite for most water sports. It allows you to enjoy water sports without any worries. Safety of participants is given a preference, but accidents may happen anytime. You will be at peace knowing that you are not at risk of drowning if you know how to swim.

You do not necessarily have to be a perfect swimmer. Just knowing its basics will do. However, the better you are at swimming, the lesser time it will take for the instructor to teach you about flyboarding. It is a safe sport that anyone can enjoy regardless of their age.

Your weight plays a crucial role in enjoying flyboarding. Do not forget to ask about weight limits when you go to rent a flyboard. Some rental companies may claim that you can easily enjoy the sport regardless of your weight. However, it is not physically possible due to some safety concerns.

It is recommended to do some research on your own. Also ask your trainer to suggest maximum weight limit considering the design of flyboard. Obese people usually find it difficult to maintain balance. The flyboard may not be able to successfully lift you out of water due to weight above maximum limit.

No matter how much you love drinking on a vacation, it is not recommended before you go flyboarding. Keeping your balance is essential to fully enjoy the sport. However, having a glass of bear not only keeps you from maintaining your balance, it may also affect your health. Do not drink before going to rent flyboard. Instead, you can enjoy one after experiencing a ride.

Safety equipment is considered a must to enjoy flyboarding. The design of a flyboard is suitable for people of all ages. It contains safety boots that you can fasten in order to maintain your balance. You can conveniently wear the kit that ensures your safety.

Along with the board, there are a few other safety gears too. Usually the company provides you with the equipment when you go to rent a flyboard. It is necessary to wear a helmet and a life vest to prevent accidents. When you dive into water, your life will be at stake if there are rocks underneath. Safety gear will reduce the impact of collision and keep you safe.

A flyboard is connected to a watercraft that creates tides. Your trainer will be on the watercraft to help you avoid mistakes. Moreover, trainers explain the method of using hydro flying device before going on an adventure. Make sure that you carefully understand these guidelines and act upon them during the experience.

Only experienced people with an aquatic license can train those who want to enjoy water sports. They know how to enjoy flyboarding while staying safe. Keep a safe distance from the wave-runner as a collision may lead to severe injuries.

We would highly suggest just renting when Fly Boarding and not buy one, due to their cost.

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