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With areas of the United States starting to get their first snow, many people start thinking what to do in the cold and snow ahead.

There are plenty of things to do in snow season in the United States and here are a few.

Snow Skiing – this is a big one, and is the sport of sliding down snow-covered hills on skis with fixed-heel bindings. It is also commonly known as downhill skiing, although that also incorporates different styles.

There is Recreational Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, and Back Country Skiing to name a few. We will be having some articles coming up on these.

Snow Boarding – Snowboarding is a winter sport that involves descending a slope that is covered with snow while standing on a board attached to a rider’s feet, using a special boot set onto a mounted binding. The development of snowboarding was inspired by skateboarding, sledding, surfing and skiing. It was developed in the United States in the 1960s to 1970s and became a Winter Olympic Sport in 1998. There is Freeriding, freestyle, urban, halfpipe, and boardercross/race.

Sledding – is a worldwide winter activity, generally carried out in a prone or seated position on a vehicle generically known as a sled, a sledge (Old English), or a toboggan. It is the basis of three Olympic sports: luge, skeleton and bobsledding.

Snowmobiling – A snowmobile is a lightweight motor vehicle which is designed to be driven and used on snow, ice, and in other low-traction environments. The specialized design of a snowmobile has a very low center of gravity, a widely distributed weight, and powerful traction, making it very suitable for snowy environments. In regions like the Arctic, snowmobiles are used regularly for transportation in the winters, when roads may not be accessible, and they are also used for recreation in more southern climates where seasonal snow is consistent enough for winter sports.

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Frostbiting – is popular in many sailing towns around the East Coast. Any passersby would surely look sideways at a fleet of little boats out on the water dodging thin shards of ice, but little do casual spectators realize how exhilarating it is to be out sailing while everyone else is huddled indoors.

Iceboating – An ice boat is a boat or purpose-built framework similar in functional design to a sail boat but fitted with skis or runners and designed to run over ice instead of through water. Ice yachting is the sport of sailing and racing iceboats.

Landsailing – Also known as ‘sand yachting’ or ‘land yachting’, is the act of moving across land in a wheeled vehicle powered by wind through the use of a sail. The term comes from analogy with sailing.

Ice Fishing – is the practice of catching fish with lines and fish hooks or spears through an opening in the ice on a frozen body of water. Ice fishermen may fish in the open or in heated enclosures, some with bunks and amenities.

Ice Skating– Ice skating is the act of moving on ice by using ice skates. It can be done for a variety of reasons, including exercise, leisure, traveling and various sports.

Model Yacht Racing – is the pastime of building and racing model yachts. It has always been customary for ship-builders to make a miniature model of the vessel under construction, which is in every respect a copy of the original on a small scale, whether steamship or sailing ship.

Snow shoeing – A snowshoe is footwear for walking over snow. Snowshoes work by distributing the weight of the person over a larger area so that the person’s foot does not sink completely into the snow, a quality called “flotation”. Snowshoeing is a form of hiking.

Polar Bear Plunge – is an event held during the winter where participants enter a body of water despite the low temperature. In the United States, polar bear plunges are usually held to raise money for a charitable organization.

Winter Runs and Obstacle Course – do you have what it takes for these? Many use them to train for Boston Marathon.

Also, what you really want to do during winter time, is keep exercising. It is so easy to slack off due to getting dark earlier, cold, snowy, and not to mention eating more. Keep it up and you will look way better in the Spring and amaze people. You won’t even have to make a New Year’s Resolution that you are going to exercise more.




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